Digital Imaging Tech

We offer a complete DIT service which includes data management, calibrated monitoring and look creation live on set. We rely on Pomfort's Silverstack and DaVinci Resolve to securely manage your data and provide detailed daily reports.

We can also create great-looking dailies with sync sound at the POST facility as well as offer secure off-site storage and LTO-6 tape backups. 



Edit & Conform 

We can conform any offline project no matter what NLE was used to cut it, through DaVinci's excellent AAF, XML & EDL support. 

We can also offer full offline editing services in partnership with POST and their team of excellent freelance editors. 



Final Grade 

Our main service is color grading and our tool of choice is DaVinci Resolve 12, the most popular color grading platform in the world. DaVinci Resolve is completely scalable and resolution independent, so you can shoot in 8K, work in HD and deliver 4K without a hitch. Resolve features unlimited grading, the widest range of tools and incredible multi GPU support for real time performance. 

Our grading suite at the POST facility offers calibrated Sony OLED monitors and a large 60-inch Panasonic Plasma client monitor for color-accurate viewings. 



Other Services:


We keep our Sony OLED grading monitors perfectly calibrated through Spectracal's Calman Studio. We use Spectracal's high quality C6 probe to analyse a wide range of colors and then create a 3D LUT to offset any deviations. We can also offer this service to our clients and do a free monitor color evaluation. 



This is a new service that we are starting to offer. It allows us to connect to any DaVinci Resolve system, anywhere in the world and by sharing media, we can offer real-time remote grading with zero lag. Combined with Skype conferencing, it's like having an expert colorist no matter where you are! 



We also offer custom workflow consulting and training. This is especially useful for clients who like to keep everything in-house and it allows us to set them up for remote grading whenever they might need it. We partner with Labspace for DaVinci Resolve training.